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If you would like the opportunity to have your poetry/stories published in our inaugural Guam IRA online anthology, there’s still time! However, you must be a current IRA member and have attended at least two general membership meetings to have your work considered for inclusion in our online anthology. Please be sure to see the IRA Membership Chair or e-mail iraguam@gmail.com. Si Yu'os Ma'ase'!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Neni, Here You Go

Neni, here you go
Into this jungle
Where you’ll grow.

Bonita you are
With your long dark hair.

With a smile (Chalek)
Innocent and rare.

Be met got yan respect
For that’s who we are.
With love for one another
Which extends quite far.

Hu guaiya hao, neni
It’s time for me to let you go.


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