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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Most Beautiful Mango

Goldilocks has nothing on our little brown girls 

Some people pick the ripest mango for its juiciness and sweetness.

Some people pick the younger, green mangos for their sourness and crunchiness.

This little brown girl picks the Holy Grail of mangos called “to’a” in our native tongue.

To’a mangos aren’t ripe or sour —
To’a mangos have the satisfying crunch of youth,
And the hint of sweetness from age.

To’a mangos may seem like the ignored fruit on the branch, 
Because of their lack of constant sunshine or shade.

To’a mangos are discolored and freckled on the outside.
No two are the same.
The golden treasure of perfect balance lies within 
For the little brown girls to unlock.


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